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How to Take Care of Your JP Drains

Why is it so hard to remember what doctors and nurses tell patients about the Jackson-Pratt, or JP, drains that virtually all patients need after mastectomy?

When you are in the initial consultation you hear “you’ll have a few drains,” referring to the little plastic bulbs that siphon fluids away from the surgical site through flat tubing.  You might be one of the lucky patients shown a video during pre-op counseling.  When you wake up from surgery, the first signs that the drains are there will be that feeling of pinching and the tugging.  Upon discharge from the hospital, the nurses will tell you what to do once you get home, but who can possibly remember in the post-op anesthesia haze?

That’s where we come in.

Drain Care Instructions

Instructions and a video on how to care for your JP drains can be found here. Following these tips ensures that you will care for the drains and milk them properly reducing the risk of infection, bleeding and fluid build-up.

Wear the Right Bra

Our Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra makes drain management easy. Strategically-placed adjustable side openings eliminate pinching and pulling at the exit site. Drains are easily attached to lightweight rings, eliminating the need for safety pins or awkward fanny packs. Rings are easily detached after drain removal.

Breast Bag

Our Breast Bag surgery recovery kit contains a carefully curated kit with supplies and instructions for drain care. Alternatively, you or a friend or family member can head to the pharmacy to pick up the gauze pads, alcohol pads, surgical gloves and measuring cup you will need to care for your drains.

Drain Log

The Masthead Drain Log helps you keep track of the color and the volume each bulb puts out every day.  This is extremely important information you will need to communicate to your physician because it indicates healing rate and determines when you can have the drains removed.  Trust me, you will want to have them removed as soon as possible, because they hurt! Download the drain log (click here) before your surgery.  Have it ready with a pen in your bathroom for recording.

Masthead’s drain management system will help you recover faster, more comfortably, and with dignity.

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