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Dear Friend,

The history of the BFFLBag® (pronounced “biffle“) is a relatively recent one. Several years ago, while recovering from a double mastectomy, I realized that despite the advanced surgical procedures and treatments that we have today, many patients – myself included – find themselves concerned and confused when facing surgery. “What should I bring to the hospital? How do I care for my JP drains? What should I do about swelling and discomfort?How should I care for my skin during radiation? When can I begin to exercise again?”

After returning to work as a Radiation Oncologist, I started to put together recovery bags for my patients. Soon many of my colleagues were asking me to do the same for their patients. The Breast BFFLBag® was born.

BFFL Bags® are care bags chock full of all the little things a patient facing cancer or other type of procedure will need for both the in-hospital stay and post-surgical treatments. They are given as a gift by a friend or loved one, or provided to patients by hospitals or physicians. They provide comfort, enhance recovery, and maintain patient dignity.

The BFFLBag® product line has expanded from one bag for breast cancer patients to an entire collection of products for patients recovering from GYN or ovarian surgeries, brain injuries, bone marrow transplantschemotherapy, prostatectomies, childbirth, and more.

What began years ago in my basement as a gift to my patients and friends, the BFFLBag® has come a long way. Each day, we at BFFL Co are honored by the favorable response to our products and mission from happy patients, caregivers, retailers, physicians and nurses. We’ve expanded from a one-woman show to a team of eight extraordinary people managing the rapid growth of our consumer e-commerce site, wholesale business, and partnerships with the nation’s leading cancer charities.

BFFLBags® are now distributed by over two dozen forward-thinking hospitals to their patients—a number that is growing every month as the medical community seeks better ways to improve patient experience and optimize outcome.

For each condition-related BFFLBag® sold at retail,  BFFL Co will donate 15{80a5668e922b9fd980dde0a6d6f2a27c110d8d696a90e3ef35289df5d75c2aa7} of the proceeds of profits to a charity providing research and support for that condition.

When searching for the perfect name for her new company, I asked for input from family and friends—many of whom had undergone mastectomy and reconstruction or radiation. Two friends came up with the idea which best encapsulates the essence of this company and encompasses its mission: BFFL — Best Friends for Life.

I welcome you to explore everything BFFL Co has to offer, and to join our growing community.

Your Best Friend for Life,




Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, MD, MPH

Founder and CEO, BFFL Co