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  • "I am still wearing mine. Had mastectomy and removed the rings after the drains came out. I am 2 weeks post exchange surgery and still wear this quite a bit. Especially at night. They are the softest bras out there and have been a great purchase."
  • "My hospital gave 2 to me. It was what I was wearing when I came out of surgery. Very helpful and user friendly."
  • "I woke up in this pretty pink bra, the Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra from my exchange surgery. Oh how I wish I had known about it during my Mastectomy. It would have been fantastic to hold the drains, which were such a pain. Anyone going through this journey, rather the Mastectomy or the exchange, I recommend this bra. It is so comfortable! The other compression bras I was given cut into my underarms and actually hurt. Thank you for your awesome invention!"
  • "I received this bra from my hospital. I LOVED it. It was so comfortable. The material is very soft and feels nice on your skin. I loved that it had drain holders and I never had to worry about what I was going to do with them. I was in this bra for about 8 weeks total 24 hours a day. I would recommend this bra to anyone that is going to have breast surgery. Thanks!"
  • "My surgeon put it on me in the hospital and then I begged her for another to take home. When I realized I could order it online, I bought another. Even after my drains came out, I used this MAGIC bra. I cut off the rings and it’s been on me ever since. I rotate the 3 bras through the week and my surgeon said I have recovered faster than any patient she’s seen. Just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate your Pink bra."
    Mastectomy Patient
  • "I ordered your pink surgical bra. It is amazing. The surgical bra from the hospital was poking me all over and when I moved the Velcro seemed to lift. Next morning changed to your surgical bra. Wow! It is comfortable and soft. I have not wanted to wear another style bra. I am back to my surgeon on Friday and will show him this product! I will be attending a wedding this weekend and know that this bra will get me through the event in my black dress. Thank you for making a quality product."
  • My breasts were so heavy and sore. Now I feel supported.
  • My nipples were peeling and so sensitive. The lining on the bra was perfect and the cotton does not rub. It even washed well and got softer. Thank you.
  • Woke up in this bra, it was a life saver!
  • "I woke up after my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy wearing one of your pretty pink bras! I loved it so much that I ordered another from your site so while one was washing I wouldn’t go without wearing one. It was perfect support for my drain tubes and I loved the velcro on the straps which made putting on and off the bra very easy! I guess I was one of the lucky patients because my doctor said they were samples given to the hospital at that time. I have 2 more family members going in soon for prophylactic mastectomies and I’ve recommended them to purchase this bra! Thank you for making my recovery much easier!!"
  • The bra is so comfortable, I even sleep in it.
  • My doctor wrapped me up in a soft supportive Masthead bra after my breast cancer surgery. It is so comfortable. In these two weeks I’ve only taken it off to wash it. It is my security blanket. Thank you for caring for me in this way.
    Ina D.
  • Your bra kept me feeling nice and secure during some of my most vulnerable days!! Grateful for you,
    Julie F.
  • This fit perfect and I wish I had ordered 2. This is the most comfortable bra for my breast cancer recovery. I love it.
  • I still wear my pink bra three months after surgery. It was amazing for the surgery with the drains, then I removed the clips and still wear it every day. I have frozen shoulder, so the front closures are great, and the bra is so comfortable and supportive.
    Lisa L.
  • The pink surgical bra was my absolute favorite thing that came out of my surgery. It made my life so much easier with the drains. It was comfortable, secure, and held everything in place.
    Janet T.
  • I have now been wearing your Elizabeth Pink Surgical bras 24/7 since the date of my surgery [3 weeks ago]…I definitely feel that your product has helped me be less miserable and uncomfortable than I would have been if I had been wearing a sports bra or other.
    Bree U.
  • The sports bra was becoming uncomfortable. Then I remembered reading about your bras. I placed an order and it came the next day! As soon as I put it on, I immediately felt better. The bra is super soft, has cushions on the shoulders and is very comfortable. I was happy to put away the sports bra. Anyone who is thinking about purchasing your bras should order them – they will be happy they did!
    Marie M.