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How To Care For Your JP Drains

We are often asked about the loop and ring system on our Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra®. It was designed for your convenience to help you comfortably manage your surgical drains, the bulb-shaped suction devices with tubing that are sometimes inserted during surgery to remove fluid accumulating at the surgical site.

While there are several varieties of surgical drains, your healthcare provider may likely have referred to them as “JP Drains.”

The loop and ring system, which is a key feature of our Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra®, Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra with Pockets, and Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra with Convertible Loops and Rings, allows the bulbs to hang to gravity, eliminating the need for pins, belts, pockets or fanny packs.


Your surgeon will determine whether you need drains and how long they should remain in place.

To attach the drain bulb to your bra, twist the plastic ring hanging from the ribbon loop on the front of the bra at the “teeth” to unsnap it.

Slide the plastic loop attached to the drain bulb to the plastic ring, then snap the ring closed.

Once you leave the hospital, you will need to care for them.

Proper care of your drains is essential. Make sure you understand and can follow the instructions given to you by your provider or care team.

You will probably be asked to measure and record the output from your drain(s). Click here or below to download our blank drain log form on which you can record your drain output according to the instructions you were given.  Bring this log to your post-op visit.

Once your doctor removes your drains, you can continue to wear your bra.

Click Here to Download Drain Log