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I want to thank you for creating your surgical bra. I was searching for a bra and could not find one. The sports bra was becoming uncomfortable. Then I remembered reading about your bras. I placed an order and it came the next day! As soon as I put it on, I immediately felt better. The bra is made of a soft material, has cushions on the shoulders and is very comfortable. I was happy to put away the sports bras. I wanted to send this note to you in case anyone is thinking about purchasing your bras. I hope they order them – they will be happy they did!

— Marie Martell

The narrow band is so comfortable for the patient. The plastic surgeon was thrilled to see it on his patient with expander reconstruction. The expanders were sitting so high, the [implant stabilizer] strap brought them right down.

— Breast Fitter in CT

My friend continued to use the pillow through all her further surgeries.  She is currently cancer free and feeling really good.  I am delighted that I was able to show my support by giving her the gift of comfort via the pillow.

— Amy

I recently had a double mastectomy in NYC and my plastic surgeon Dr. Chen put me in the Elizabeth pink surgical bra. I am very fortunate that she chose this bra for me….It is very comfortable for every day use and especially to sleep in.

— Grateful Patient

The bras are so soft with easy-to-button hooks,  I love their fit and feel and they finally solved my post breast cancer discomfort problems.  I was depressed and my nails were broken and I was bald. My morale had hit zero when Masthead came to the rescue.  I had given up wearing bras and was wearing old worn out cotton Ts to bed and outside.  I was sad and felt less feminine than any time in my life.  Masthead bras let me know somebody loving understood me and wanted to help and even had traveled through that wasteland before me and made it!!!  If I were a billionaire I would donate every penny my family did not need to survive to helping further products like these amazing cancer recovery bras from this amazing company.

— Sandra

Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful heart pillow. I tucked it under my arm immediately and it felt so good!! Before its arrival, I kept saying I felt as if someone had kicked me in the armpit… probably from all the probing to get those sentinel nodes out. It is also a great prop for keeping my arm at a good height when sitting. Can you explain why they feel so good? Is it because the pilla allows the lymph nodes more space to function? Or perhaps, it is taking the pressure of the arm off the incision site?

— Sherry

The pillow was the perfect gift for me after my mastectomy. It feels great and takes the pressure off my incision. My daughter came to visit me in the hospital and she borrowed it to rest her arm while nursing her baby!

— Ann

My friend’s double mastectomy was put off for a few days due to more pressing surgeries (transplants.) She finally did have her surgery and continues to thank me about the pillow. It didn’t leave her side during the first few weeks, even with meds. She tells me it continues to be incredibly helpful right now in the car.
Thank you for all you have done!

— Amy

My daughter gave me a heart shaped pillow after my back surgery. It was better than the narcotics at getting me comfortable in a chair. Thanks!

— Brenda

I have not been without the axilla pilla for the last 2 weeks. I can’t wait to get my drains out.

— Julie

After my back surgery, I could not go anywhere without my axilla pilla. I used it in the car, in waiting rooms, and even to make it though my grandchildren’s swim meet.

— Daisy
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