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I sent your double mastectomy gift to my sister-in-law. She received it yesterday and told me she was crying all night (“in a good way”) because a friend of hers had given her a list of things she would need for her surgery, and practically every single item on the list was in the bag. She said she felt relieved that everything was in one place. No one wants to go through this and we are praying that this will be as quick and painless as possible as she is only 40 years old. One feels so helpless and your company provided comfort and necessity in time of uncertainty. THANK YOU!

Yesterday I interviewed a 55 year old breast cancer survivor. She was a patient of Dr. Ashikari (Dobbs Ferry Hospital). She told us about her experience from beginning to end and it was absolutely incredible seeing her strength. We asked her what had helped her most along her journey and she spoke of the nurses, support from her family and community and then she said ‘and the [Masthead] Bag I got as I was leaving the hospital. It was the most beautiful duffel bag with so many things that helped me at home after my surgeries. Was just such a nice way for me to have a bit of help once the nurses were no longer with me.’

— AARP Researcher

I wear my bra even though I finished radiation months ago. I love it.

— Sadie

My nipples were peeling and so sensitive. The lining on the bra was perfect and the cotton does not rub. It even washed well and got softer. Thank you.

— Joyce

My breasts were so heavy and sore. Now I feel supported.

— Maria

The bra is so comfortable, I even sleep in it.

— Carol

Now I don’t have to worry about packing what I need, it is all here!

Thank you so much for my wonderful Axillapilla. The biggest, best Valentine I’ve ever gotten. It was love at first sight, a wonder and a comfort. It does fit, just right, wherever you want it.

— Nina

I originally used my pillow for supporting my arm after my mastectomy. Now I use it to support anything that needs it…it’s a great sleep companion.

— Sherry S.

Just wanted to let you know my father-in-law’s surgery went well! He is at home resting and comfortable and ready to get down to Florida for more R&R! He has a follow-up on Friday – fingers crossed no surprises – at this point I hope we have run into all of them. The bag was a huge hit – thank you.

— Jodi

[My son] Steve uses the bag three times a day every day…it’s GREAT!!! Thank you so much. And he is addicted to the blue blanket. I call it his Binky! He loves it. Best gift EVER! I steal the neck pillow to read while I am waiting for him to finish his chemo…Love it!

— Mom of a bag recipient

I just had a mastectomy and my daughter found me these two wonderful bras from [Masthead]. Thank you very much. I wore one for several hours yesterday and it felt great. It is so hard to find a bra that actually fits. I need it because my breast that did not have cancer is too heavy to go without support.

— Margaret

The beautiful bag arrived Friday evening at our front door. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift. The heart-shaped pillows are absolutely amazing. I don’t know what about them is so soothing and comforting but they make a world of difference when I lie down. From note cards to skin care – it is absolutely the most lovely and useful gift one who is recovering could possibly receive. The gorgeous bag it arrived in is so pretty as well as practical. I had such fun showing it all off to a friend who came by the other day. She had not heard of the product before and thought the entire concept was wonderful. She is just starting a job with a new gyn oncologist in Anchorage. Dr. Thompson certainly knows how to brighten a trying time.

I just received the bag for my mom. She will love everything in here and will find the items incredibly useful. I love that water bottle! These bags are a great idea and if god forbid, any other friends or family come to have this awful disease, I will definitely spread the word about your website.
Thanks again!

— Laura

Thank you so much for the welcome and eagerly anticipated care package, the Chemo Pack. It had so many things in it, which I would never have thought of in advance.

The best item of all was the pillow! It never occurred to me to take one even though most times I sit or lie down, my back immediately commences to hurt. Of course, as soon as I positioned myself in the chemo chair, that’s what happened, so I placed the pillow alongside my right back, and the pain subsided. Next most helpful gift: the collapsible water bottle! I’m frequently feeling dry due to fluid restriction and sips of water help. With the water bottle—something else I never considered ahead of time—I could get sips without bothering the nurses or getting up to walk to the kitchenette when I was feeling drowsy from all the drugs.

Next, the plastic envelope, wherein I can now put all the papers they’ve given me for the test results, appointments, etc., and which contained the business cards insert sheet! If you only knew what a relief that was to get that, because I’ve been carrying around my accumulating pile of my doctors’ phone numbers in a rubber band-bound wad in my pocket book!

The pill box is very handy because now I won’t have to carry the big med bottles each time I go. They prescribed oral meds for me to bring each treatment to take first before the IV meds start. The cotton tissue embossed with hearts is so lovely, and so pretty I’m reluctant to use it, but I certainly enjoy having it. The pashmina is beautiful and I’m told lavender is a good color for me. The pad of paper and pen—I can never be without them, contributing to my very large pocketbook.

Thank you also, for the skincare items. I read and was told to expect changes in the skin, so I’ll be glad to follow the regimen prescribed by SkinCeuticals. And the lip balm? I go through that like candy due to dry mouth and lips, so that is really needed.

What I really want to thank you for, besides my surprise and much-needed Chemo Pack, is for even thinking of me, for calling me, and for all your prayers.

The [Masthead] people certainly had their thinking caps on when they designed the Chemo Pack because, like I said, I didn’t even know I needed these articles—but I did!

The wonderful nurse at the hospital suggested I try a Masthead bra after my radiation session today and I am so happy to say this is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn.  It is so soft, made of the finest cotton and am sure that will wash well as well.  It is such a comfort to be able to wear well-fitting and comfortable clothing during the treatment for breast cancer – it makes a wonderful difference in knowing that I am treating my body better than ever in going through the treatments and clothing such as this bra make it easier to do.  The bra is very well constructed, doesn’t have any annoying seams that cut into me and is a soft as the softest cotton.  I really appreciate the work and design that went into this.

— Leslie Pierson

Hi there — I am sitting here recovering from my double mastectomy and am IN LOVE with the cushie pillow — feels like heaven under my arm.  I received a care package from the hospital and it has made such a difference in my recovery!

— Debbie Rangonig

I want to thank you for creating the [Recovery] Bra. I was searching for a bra and could not find one. While going through radiation, the sports bra was becoming uncomfortable. Then I remembered reading about your bras. I placed an order and it came the next day! As soon as I put it on, I immediately felt better. I wish I had placed an order when I began my treatment. The bra is a soft cotton, has cushions on the shoulders and is very comfortable. I was happy to put away the sports bras. I will be completing my radiation treatment in the coming week and wanted to send this note to you in case anyone is thinking about purchasing your bras. I hope they order them – they will be happy they did!

— Marie Martell

Over the summer, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed a double mastectomy. I was so scared that the lump I found had spread to my lymph nodes. It made me feel so good when my friend bought me the bag. Most importantly, it was such a thoughtful gift. The bag itself is so cheerful and fun – you have to smile. I had quickly looked through the contents but couldn’t really focus with everything going on. I just took it to the hospital figuring what ever I needed would be in the bag – and it was perfect!!

— Randi

I just wanted to let you know that my Uncle John loved his [lung cancer] bag. Everything is so helpful and useful. Such a wonderful way to help him out in this rough time.

— Caitlin

The narrow band is so comfortable for the patient. The plastic surgeon was thrilled to see it on his patient with expander reconstruction. The expanders were sitting so high, the [implant stabilizer] strap brought them right down.

— Breast Fitter in CT

I just wanted to let you know that my friend with lung cancer loved the custom bag! She was happy to receive it and I was glad that it put a smile on her face.

Hi Dr. Thompson, I just ordered the Breast Bag for a co-worker and good friend whose 24 year old daughter is having a mastectomy at Sloane-Kettering tomorrow. I have been an RN for the past 35 years and your breast bag is a bright and wonderful addition to helping women recover in a positive way from the emotional and physical effects of breast surgery. Well done!!

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to receive a bag prior to my surgeries for breast cancer. I love my pillow and even after healing from surgery I have my pillow on my bed and sleep with it nightly. On a recent camp trip I had to wrestle my pillow from my 6 year old grandson. He apparently loves it too! My duffel bag is awesome and all the wonderful supplies inside the bag from creams to notebooks to card holders and bandages……the list is awesome and made the whole experience of treatment so much easier. In the past for friends of mine with cancer diagnosis I have struggled with what I could do for them and now I know what I can do….Great gift of love from one friend to another!

— Terri
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