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Your Patients Receive the Best Surgical Care.

Shouldn’t They Wear the Best Surgical Bra?

Our sole purpose at Masthead is to help you and your patients navigate their treatment journey with comfort, care and dignity. Our premium collection of post-surgical garments and recovery accessories, used by hundreds of the top surgeons in the leading hospitals in the country, have become the standard of excellence in the breast cancer space.

Our flagship Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® (Style 042) is a revolutionary garment for women recuperating from breast surgery. Made of a soft, lightweight performance fabric that keeps the patient feeling comfortable and dry, it has five points of Velcro closure/adjustment and provides just the right amount of support and compression. Our ingenious patent-pending drain management system has adjustable pinch-free axillary openings and loops to suspend JP drain bulbs. This bra can be modified for patients who do not have drains by simply cutting off the loop and ring.  Endless comfort for your patient; simplicity for the surgical team.

The Elizabeth bra is also available with a soft pocketed lining (Style 042p) and in a convertible version (Style 065 ) with removable, configurable loops and rings. Identifiable by our signature pink color, all versions come in sizes XS- 7XL.

The Judy Long-Line Surgical bra (Style 045) is a more generous bra for the woman who requires extra length and even compression. Ideal for lumpectomies and for breast patients forgoing reconstruction. The soft pocketed lining can accommodate a prosthesis. Available in bright white, in sizes XS – 5XL.


Our Estelle Recovery Bra (Style 021p) is a second stage recovery bra for all-day wear post drain removal. Lumpectomy patients love this bra as well. It’s made of a soft, breathable performance fabric with hook-and-eye closure for the ultimate in comfort, fit, ease of wear, and support. Available in light pink, black and white, in sizes XS – 5XL.

Our lightweight, supple, waterproof silicone Post-Surgery Shower Lanyard (Style 067) is latex-free, with flexible plastic rings that open and close to hold JP drain bulbs securely without tugging or pinching. Soft pink color.

Members Exclusive! Package of 20 Style 1200 KN95 protective face masks sourced from FDA certified factory in China. PFE (particle filtration efficiency) of > 95% @.075 microns. (The coronavirus responsible for COVID19 is estimated to be in the range of 0.1 to 0.3 microns.)

Click here for helpful patient JP drain care instructions and video, as well as a handy Drain Log .

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Call us at (914) 713-8550 for hospital pricing information and to order samples.

We hope you will join the many devoted health care providers whose patients have found support, comfort and dignity with Masthead® products.