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Which Surgical Bra Does Xiomara wear in Jane the Virgin?

Over the last two weeks we’ve heard from many customers, colleagues and friends who want to know which surgical bra the character Xiomara is wearing after undergoing a mastectomy in a recent episode of the hit TV show Jane the Virgin.

Well…we are happy – and honored– to report that it is our Masthead Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra®!

Xo, as she’s called on the comedy-drama, is Jane’s mother, and a central character in the show. Played by the wonderful actress Andrea Navedo, she found herself suddenly confronted with the life-changing news of her breast cancer diagnosis and needing to make major decisions about which kind of surgery and treatment to have.

In a particularly powerfully scene in the episode, Xo opens her jacket to reveal the drains attached to her body to remove fluids from the surgical site.

Ease of drain management is one of the key features of our Elizabeth bra, a fact that was apparently not lost on the show costume staff. The unique design of the bra includes adjustable side openings and lightweight, easy-to-use rings for attaching and removing drains.

Kudos to the Jane writers, who shined a light on this important topic, and to the wonderful actresses Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo and Ivonne Coll who gave such strong and sensitive performances.


Breast cancer surgery is a challenge to undergo, but with the support from loving family and friends, great medical advice, the right garments and supplies–not to mention a dose of good humor, the journey is much easier.

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