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Masthead Founder and CEO Elizabeth Chabner Thompson with the Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra

Reflecting on a Decade of Growth and Gratitude

A Letter from Masthead Founder and CEO Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, MD, MPH

Masthead Founder and CEO Elizabeth Chabner Thompson reflecting on a decade of growth and gratitude.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Ten years ago this month, we shipped the very first Masthead Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® to a hospital on the west coast. In the years that followed, we have grown to become the brand of choice for hospitals and patients who value quality, comfort, style, and service.


A Decade of Innovation and Progress

Thinking over the last decade brings many emotions. Exhilaration at bringing an innovative new product to a market that was ripe for disruption. Satisfaction from acquiring new hospital customers each week. Pride that the Masthead team has never had a missed shipment, even during a global pandemic. Determination to continuously improve our products and capabilities to keep up with our rapidly evolving industry.

Masthead Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® on display at trade show, providing comfort and support

Gratitude to Our Valued Partners

Most of all, however, I feel gratitude.

Gratitude to all the surgeons, nurse navigators, hospital supply chain specialists, and other professionals who pushed hard to get our bras into your hospitals. You believed that your patients deserved a better, more comfortable bra to fit and support them through treatment. Without your persistence, we wouldn’t be here.

Gratitude to all our patient-customers who have spread the word about Masthead products to their friends, family members, and health care providers. The emails, calls, and notes telling us how our products helped you through a difficult time make coming to work each day a joy and an honor.

Gratitude to my team at Masthead, many of whom have been with me from the beginning. This dedicated group has grown the business from startup to real company by always putting the customer first.

Gratitude to our factories whose adherence to our strict standards allows us to deliver on our quality promise, and to the logistics and delivery teams who reliably show up to handle our packages with care every day.

Gratitude to my supportive family and friends and to all those who have “mentored” me as I built the company. You have been an essential guiding force for me.


Heartwarming thank you from grateful patients who benefited from Masthead surgical bras.

Looking Ahead to the Future

As Masthead starts its next phase of providing quality products to ease the treatment journey, I pledge to continue the work we are doing so that we can bring more innovative products to market and help even more patients.

It’s been a pleasure and a learning experience to be on this journey with you. Let’s keep going.

With sincere thanks,

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