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The Power of Pink: What It Means to Masthead

A Color That Heals, Comforts, and Empowers

THE POWER OF PINK: WHAT IT MEANS TO MASTHEAD comfort healing and empowerment

Why Masthead Bras are Pink

In a world painted with countless colors, pink holds a special place in the heart of Masthead. It’s not just a casual color choice; it’s an integral part of our identity. Our iconic Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® symbolizes wellness, healing, and empowerment. We’ve even taken the step to trademark it, transforming this color into a beacon of comfort and confidence for women undergoing mastectomy or other surgeries. In fact, the Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra was offered exclusively in pink for years, and today, it remains the color that hospitals overwhelmingly choose for their patients.

The Healing Power of Pink

Pink is more than a color; it’s a mood-enhancer that radiates positivity and has the seemingly magical ability to make people feel better. Masthead’s pink hue represents our commitment to providing a comfortable and beautiful solution for patients undergoing mastectomy, whether with or without reconstruction, or other surgeries. Women waking up after surgery in a pretty pink bra quickly realize this isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about embarking on a journey of healing with a bright and optimistic outlook. It represents the strength that every patient possesses.

Comfort Meets Confidence and Compliance

Comfort is key during recovery, and the Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® excels not only in practicality but also in its exceptional fabric and customizable fit. Wearing something that looks great, feels comfortable, and maintains its appeal over time can significantly improve post-op patient compliance. The gentle, soothing pink hue of the Masthead bra not only promotes ease and well-being but is also considered by many to be universally flattering. In this color, you can concentrate on your healing journey while remaining confident and comfortable.

Recognized by Surgeons

Medical professionals recognize the value of our pink surgical bras. Surgeons appreciate the unique features of the Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra®. Its distinct pink color ensures it stands out from the sea of white or off-white surgical garments. When they see the pink bra on their patients, they immediately recognize that it’s the right choice for post-surgery care.

From Our Customers, With Love

But perhaps the most powerful endorsement of the power of pink comes from our customers. They share their heartfelt experiences with Masthead and our iconic pink surgical bra:

Marji: “That pink bra is everything. It was obviously designed by a woman because it felt so good after surgery.”
Andrea: “As soon as I put it on, I felt better.”
ML, MD: “My patients love the pink color. It’s uplifting.”
Breast Surgeon, California: “When I moved hospitals, I told the purchasing people to get me the pink bra.”
JK: “I woke up in this pretty pink bra from my exchange surgery. Oh, how I wish I had known about it during my mastectomy.”
Nurse Navigator, Maryland: “We had a patient in here for a second surgery. She had the first surgery at another hospital. She insisted on having the ‘pink bra’ again. We knew immediately which one she meant.”
NC, Washington State: “My surgeon put it on me in the hospital, and then I begged her for another to take home. Even after my drains came out, I used this MAGIC bra. My surgeon said I have recovered faster than any patient she’s seen. Just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate your pink bra.”

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